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Yuma Area Ammonia Safety Day

Was Held on:

February 16, 2023

Thank you to the sponsors, exhibitors, and speakers that made 2020 a success.

Ammonia Is a Vital Chemical to Our Modern Lives

Come Learn to Respect This Chemical, and to Appreciate It


Sponsored by:

Local Businesses - Exhibitors

Local, State & Federal 
Public Safety Agencies

Presentation Topics:

- Being safe at a cooler workplace
- Fire at a cold storage facility
- Managin
g medical emergencies
- Situational awareness
- Facility Ops for everyone
- Refrigeration for first responders
- Traumatic bleeding control (in English and Spanish)
- Ammonia refrigeration compressor lubrication
- "What can happen?  We are just going replace a relief valve."


This community outreach brings to attendees greater ammonia awareness including both its benefits and hazards. We hosted more than 200 attendees in 2020, all of whom received important and practical knowledge about ammonia.

The purpose of  the Yuma Area Ammonia Safety Day is to provide individuals with the opportunity to receive information and training from agencies and safety professionals; to network with  professionals who are experts in their fields; and to develop relationships with vendors and others from the entire arena of the ammonia industry.




For an article on the event, click here!

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